There may be some people out there who wanted to know when did Hawaii become a state. Let me tell you a brief history of Hawaii. We all know that Hawaii is a state full of beauty and richness. This is a place where many people are dreaming to celebrate their honeymoon or venture for a vacation. This is because Hawaii is rich with unique cultures, attractive volcanoes, and famous beaches. So what makes Hawaii become such a beautiful place like what we can see now? How does it become a state?


Sometime between the 300 AD and 700 AD, Polynesians arrived in the island and came to settle in this beautiful place. They use boats as a means of transportation and all they did was navigate using the stars in the sky above the Pacific. When they arrived, they brought along with them bananas, coconut and sugar cane, foods that are still found in this place. Sometimes, there were still people who believed that Polynesians travelled all the way from Marquesas Island and Tahiti is where the next group of settlers came from.


Capt. James Cook first arrived in Hawaii in 1778, and he called the place Sandwich Islands. This is where James Cook saw the settlers of Hawaii surfing, and this place named after Earl of Sandwich is known to be a perfect location of a popular sports called surfing. Unfortunately, James Cook was killed in 1779.


Around the year 1800’s, pineapples are the next fruit being introduced to the people of Hawaii. Plantations of sugar cane and pineapple were the source of income for the Hawaiians. The US claimed Hawaii as part of their territory sometime in the 1900’s.

Now for those who wanted to know when did Hawaii become a state, it was the year 1959. This 50th state of the US has become a tourist destination for many Asians such as those coming from Japan, China and other countries as well. This has also the reason why there has been a lot of diversity among the people of the beautiful place of Hawaii.


Hawaii is known for its rich culture and unique diversity but aside from that, it is also known for its amazing geography. The Hawaii Islands is composed of six main islands, and it is also consists of various archipelagos. Therefore, tourists can find many shorelines and beautiful beaches that are scattered in the whole Hawaii territory in which they can explore and enjoy. There are also many things you can do while in the island. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling lessons as well as surfing. You can also see a lot of marine life in the seas surrounding Hawaii, including of course, the wide area of coral reefs.


The beautiful volcanoes that Hawaii is known for are all created because of the disruption of the tectonic plate. In fact, the Big Island and also the Mauna Loa Island are the locations for two of the known active volcanoes found in Hawaii. There are also locations and facilities where tourists can learn how the volcanoes is formed and how it was the reason for creating Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes. One popular volcano found in the Big Island is called Kilauea, which is steadily erupting since the year 1983.


Aside from volcanoes, Hawaii also has rainforests to offer its tourists. They are allowed to do hiking on these rainforests and where tourists can experience living one with the wildlife and taste the lush greeneries in the area. Hawaii is also rich in bogs, wet forests and mesic forests. Each of these types has its own unique look and wildlife. Hawaiian government has made every possible measure so that these treasures are preserved. The length of time as to when did Hawaii become a state is a manifestation that Hawaii is a state full of richness and beauty and has been a safe haven for tourists.


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  1. Hans says:

    Hawaii is not officially a state of the United States.
    There is no treaty of annexation. If i am wrong and there is a treaty please post it.

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